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Michigan Deburring Tool

Michigan Deburring Tool Tool is America’s premier manufacturer of deburring tools. Featuring both standard and custom designs, these precision tools deburr the front, rear or both sides of a drilled hole in a single operation with unparalleled efficiency and consistency. Our patented and patent pending tools are built to satisfy diverse application specifications and optimize value, tool-life and production rate. Michigan Deburring Tool features tools for high-volume production, with a low cost per hole.

Our products include three-piece Modular Deburring Tools for small holes (.057” – .255”), two-piece AutoLock Deburring Tools for larger holes (.253” 1.022”), and Custom Tooling designed to fit your specific application. Modular Deburring Tools are comprised of three components: a permanent assembly holder, a quick change pilot, and a quick change blade.

Michigan Deburring Tool products are nationally known for their high levels of precision and attention to detail. This dedication sets Michigan Deburring Tool apart from the competition by making it possible to engage in deburring that many other manufacturers cannot provide. Michigan Deburring Tool is proud to be a leading manufacturer of deburring tools for all of your manufacturing operations and production needs.

Michigan Deburring Tool products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. As a result, you can rely on the high quality of our product, as well as feel pride in knowing that your business directly supports the continued resurgence of American manufacturing.

High-Production, Lower Cost-Per-Hole
Through combining design flexibility with cost-efficient components, quick change convenience and simplified operations, Michigan Deburring outperforms the competition and lowers your cost-per-hole.

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Cost effective hole deburring tools. Michigan Deburring products provide reliability, efficiency and cost-effective solutions for all your hole deburring needs



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