Are Custom Tools Right for Your Application?

While standard tools work well for a wide range of typical hole deburring needs, it is often advantageous and cost-efficient to customize a tool for your application. In some cases, customizing is necessary when workpiece requirements exceed standard tool capabilities, but many high volume or dedicated operations can also benefit from custom tooling.

After thoroughly evaluating your application, Michigan Deburring can configure custom tool attributes to optimize performance, productivity and value.In many cases, the cost of custom tools is equal to or even less than the cost of standards.

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Custom Tool Case Studies

Select from the links below to see how custom tooling has offered solutions to Michigan Deburring clients with unique application requirements.


Confined Space
In this application for a 4.5 mm hole, there is a limited amount of space available in the work area. Additionally, operator input led to inconsistent results. These problems were resolved by shortening the tool and providing a fixed position blade.


Extra Length
In this situation, extra reach was required to deburr a 3mm hole. The pilot and blade were lengthened to accommodate the requirements.


Limited Clearance
The part geometry provided very little clearance beyond the bottom of the hole on this job. The pilot was specially designed to allow the cutting edge of the blade to be moved very close to the tip of the tool.


Stainless Steel
In this stainless steel application, tool life was poor. This was solved by shortening the tool to make it more aggressive and reducing the relief angle so that the blade took less bite. The result was a more desirable light edge break and increased blade life.


Tool Breakage
In this case, a shoulder close to the edge of the hole was causing tool breakage. The tool was shortened to provide a more aggressive cut, and a fixed position blade with a lower profile prevented the blade from hitting the shoulder.