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MDT Michigan Deburring Tool
Products Overview

Michigan Deburring’s tools are designed to expand high-volume production capabilities to accommodate a larger range of applications. This video looks at the features, benefits and functionality of our two main product lines, the Modular and AutoLock systems. It also demonstrates their ability to quickly advance the deburring process for excellent finished workpiece results.

Modular Deburring Tool
Assembly Demo

Launched in 2006, the Modular Deburring Tool for small holes features a simple-to-use, cost-effective design. This video provides a walk-through on how to easily assemble, and disassemble, the system’s three main quick-change components: the assembly holder, replaceable pilot and replaceable blade. It also illustrates the roles of the adjustment and pilot clamp screws in theprocess.

MDT Michigan Deburring Tool
Deburring Process Demo

This video illustrates the primary function of our tools, which is to remove residual burrs from drilled holes. At Michigan Deburring, our process includes mass finishing of machined parts, where our tooling is used to deburr the front, rear or both sides of a drilled hole in a single operation. As a result, our operations produce workpieces that are burr free and have a clean finish.

Michigan Deburring Custom Tooling 

Our systems are easily customizable for specific production applications, with no added costs. This video looks at the replaceable component design benefits for both standard and custom hole deburring. It also discusses the types of applications that benefit from MDT’s custom tool design to your specific requirements. Our value-added service brings versatility to our tooling, making them ideal for short, medium and high-volume applications.